Department of Business Planning and Information Systems

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Structure of the department


The Department comprises two sectors, Business Planning and Decision Making Sector and Information Systems Sector. This structure serves the fundamental objectives of the curriculum and still meets the current perception of the Department for its goals, since it follows the separate disciplines. All members of the permanent or temporary teaching staff of the Department are divided in these two sectors.

Administratively, the Department includes single-person and collective bodies that make decisions related to the academic functioning of the Department. The main governing bodies of the Department are:

  • The General Assembly of the Department
  • The Departmental Council
  • The Head of Department

During the last five years, there exist in the Department several committees that contribute to the efficient running of the curriculum.

The Department is governed by the Standard General Internal Regulation of Universities (Presidential Decree 160/08, Gov. 220/3-11-2008) and the Regulations of TEI of Patras (GG 1474/4-12-2000).

It should be noted that apart from administrative bodies at the Department, there are single-person and collective administrative bodies at the School.

Thus, in the School of Management and Economy governing bodies are the Director of the School, whose election is made by academic staff members, student representatives, and administrative staff representatives, and the School Council composed of the Director of the School, Heads of Departments and students representatives.