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Scientific and Laboratory Associates


Scientific Associates (with yearly assignments)

During the academic year 2010-2011 the following Scientific Associates taught at the Department with a yearly assignment:

Scientific Associates at the level of Assistant Professor (yearly assignments) Email
Dr. Aleka Kalapodi a_kalapodi at yahoo.com
Dr. Panagiotis Mitropoulos pmitro at teipat.gr
Dr. Kostas Stamos stamos at cti.gr

In addition, in order to meet the department needs, each year the necessary Scientific and Laboratory Associates are hired.

Scientific Associates

Scientific Associates (academic year 2011-2012) Email
Dr. Anastasiou Athanasios
Dr. Vasileiou Konstantinos
Dr. Voutsinas Vassilis
Dr. Gatomatis Panagiotis
Dr. Giotopoulos Konstantinos
Dr. Kapoulas Vagelis
Dr. Kounetas Konstantinos
Dr. Koutsomitropoulos Dimitrios
Dr. Mastrogiannis Nikolaos
Dr. Tranoris Christos

Laboratory Associates

Laboratory Associates (academic year 2011-2012) Email
Dr. Georgoudakis Emmanouel
Gkamas Vasileios
Dr. Goumopoulos Christos
Dr. Darsinos Vassileios
Kaimakis Andreas
Karioti Marina
Dr. Mandalos Loukas
Mpoumpouli Athanassia
Dr. Papazois Andreas
Dr. Papaioannou Vaios
Togia Panagiota
Chalkiopoulos Alexandros
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